Dear Customer,
For the sake of convenience, the FAQ section is divided into different categories.

  1. Pre Order FAQS
  2. Order Process FAQS
  3. Payment, Rewards & Discount FAQS
  4. Post Order FAQS
  5. Dispatch FAQS
  6. Post Delivery & Complains FAQS
  7. Miscellaneous FAQS

If you still do not find an answer to your query, please feel free to write to us at straightline@mjunction.in,and our customer support team will revert to you within 24 working hours.


  1. Can I have a live demo or view the product before I buy it?
    All displayed products on the site have exhaustive and accurate descriptions. In case of an electronic product, for example, a complete list of all its features is a part of the product description. Customers are requested to view the details and place an order only after they are satisfied. Since straightline is an online portal and not a retail store, we do not have any provision for the products to be viewed physically. However, you may visit any retail store selling a similar product for a first-hand feel of the product.
  2. How can I register on straightline.in?
    Registering on straightline.in is an easy process. Once you log on to www.straightline.in, click on the "Register" tab, which will ask for your personal information for future communication. The online registration form will also allow you to specify your login i-d and password to protect your personal information as well as specify your billing and shipping address. After the registration process is over, you can log on to the website for your purchases with the help of the login i-d and password.
  3. What are the products you offer?
    The products available on straightline are sold by sellers who are registered on straightline. The orders placed on straightline will be fulfilled by these sellers.

    The categories under which we offer products now are: Books & Stationery, Music, MP3 players and i-Pods, Gifts, Mobile phones, Handicrafts, Home Decor, Camera & Lenses, Consumer Durables, Kitchen Equipment, Health & Personal Care, Solar Equipments, Home Entertainment, Computer & Laptops, Computer & Accessories, Computer Peripherals, Furniture and many more.
  4. Where do you deliver the products available on straightline.in?
    We deliver the products to the shipping address specified by you. We service most locations across the country and we are including more and more locations. However, our system checks and ratifies the serviceable location at the time of selecting the shipping address and proceeding to pay. In case our logistics partner does not service the delivery location specified by you, you will be informed before you can make the payment.
  5. Will I receive the exact product as shown in the picture?
    Our sellers will take utmost care to deliver the product exactly as it is displayed on the site. However, it is clearly mentioned in the product description that there may be slight variations sometimes in shades, colours and pattern from the image to the actual product.
  6. What guarantee/warranty do I get on any product?
    That depends on the particular seller. If our sellers provide any warranty/guarantee on the product, it is mentioned in the product details page, and you need to check it out before making a buy.
  7. How can I view the products that I have chosen?
    You can view the product that you have chosen by clicking on "My shopping Cart" which will be available at the top right hand corner of the home page.
  8. Can I personally come and pick up the item from your office?
    straightline is an online platform and we do not maintain any stock of any product in our office. All products available on our site will be delivered to you at the shipping address provided by you.
  9. What is a shopping cart?
    An online shopping cart is similar in concept to the cart you use in physical supermarkets. You add items that you wish to purchase into it and proceed to pay for your order. You can add as many items as you want from any of our categories. You can also take out items from the cart if at some point you feel you have found a better alternative or do not really need it.
  10. Can I place an order for multiple items?
    You can purchase more than one item in a single order. This can be done by adding as many items as you wish to in the shopping cart.
  11. What should I do if my order is not processed even after completing the payment process?
    All the products available on our website will be normally delivered to you as per the delivery period mentioned in the item details. However, you can contact our customer service department via email at straightline@mjunction.in or call us at our customer service number 180041920001 in case there is a deviation from the process.
  12. How can I search for a product of a particular kind at either the lowest or the highest price points?
    The moment you enter a product or category in the search text box and click on "search", the following page will give you the results, along with a choice to sort in ascending or descending order according to the price range.
  13. I would like to have more details on the features of the product before placing the order.
    All products on the site will have the regular features displayed alongside the product. For further information regarding the product, please feel free to send an email to us at straightline@mjunction.in, and we will revert with the required details.
  14. If I am looking for a certain product, can I go directly to it without surfing the site?
    Sure. Please enter the name and title of the product in the search text box at the top of the shopping home page. The results will throw up your desired product. In case that particular product is not available, other products with similar titles or names will be thrown up.
  15. What is a Wish List?
    A Wish List serves as a shopping cart where a customer can put aside selected products for a later purchase. The items listed under the Wish List are visible for a period of 90 days and can be added to 'buy now' at the time of payment.
    A Wish List can carry up to 25 items.
    If a customer wishes to check out the items in the Wish List at any point in time, click on the 'View Wish List' link provided at the top right corner of the shopping home page
  16. Are there any hidden costs apart from the product price and shipping charges?
    At the time of registering for your order, the payment page will display the total product price and the shipping charges as applicable. This is the amount that is due to be paid by you. There are no hidden costs and all chargeable amounts are featured before you select payment method option.
  17. Are there any hidden costs apart from the product price and shipping charges?
    At the time of registering for your order, the payment page will display the total product price and the shipping charges as applicable. This is the amount that is due to be paid by you. There are no hidden costs and all chargeable amounts are featured before you select the payment method option.


  1. Can I use my regular email i-d to place an order or do I have to create a new shopping i-d?
    You can register with your existing email i-d.
  2. What happens if I forget my password?
    Click on the "Forgot Password" link in the login page. Once you enter your email i-d, you will asked to provide the answer to your secret question. and click on Submit.
  3. I have forgotten my shopping i-d created some months ago. How do I retrieve it?
    Once you receive your i-d, you will receive a mail from straightline confirming your registration. Try to locate that email in case you forget the i-d. In case you ate unable to trace it, please create a fresh user i-d using a new email i-d. You may mail to our customer support at straightline@mjunction.in for any kind of assistance.
  4. Will I be charged separately for each product under one order?
    An order can consist of a single product or of multiple products. The shipping charges are calculated separately against each product. You will be able to view the total cost of your order inclusive of shipping charges, as applicable, before completing the check-out process.
  5. Are there any hidden costs apart from the product price and shipping charges?
    At the time of registering for your order, the payment page will display the total product price and the shipping charges as applicable. This is the amount that is due to be paid by you. There are no hidden costs and all chargeable amounts are featured before the checkout page.


  1. What security does straightline.in offer their customers with regard to online transaction safety?
    We adopt stringent security measures to ensure that critically sensitive information, such as your personal information and your credit card details are protected. The measures are as follows:
    1. All your personal information is encrypted before it is transmitted over the Internet. This guarantees that your information is inaccessible to any third party.
    2. We use industry-standard SSL (Standard Sockets Layer) Technology, which is used worldwide, for this data encryption.
    3. We are registered with Verisign, a US-based Net Authentication Agency.
    4. All our servers are firewalled to ensure maximum protection of your details.
    5. We follow strict in-house security guidelines for ensuring confidentiality of our customer information.
  2. In whose name does one make a demand draft (DD) or a cheque while making payments for any purchase online? How can I send it across?
    If you choose the DD/CHQ payment option, it can be in the name of mjunction services limited. The payment instrument needs to be crossed and the order number mentioned on the reverse along with your mobile phone number and email i-d. There are two methods of sending the DD/cheque to straightline
    1. Send us the cheque/DD to the address mentioned while placing the order;
    2. Deposit the cheque at the account number mentioned while placing the order.
  3. Can I change the mode of payment after the order is registered? Example: from cheque to credit card or vice versa?
    We do not permit the change of payment option from cheque to any other mode of payment or vice versa. The existing order has to be cancelled and a fresh order placed using the desired payment mode.
  4. I have already sent/deposited the cheque/DD. Why has my order not been approved?
    The two most common reasons are as follows:
    1. Error in the cheque details: The cheque may have been drawn in a wrong name, the amount may be wrong, not crossed, not signed, no order number mentioned, the value does not match with the order amount.
    2. Cheque has still not been cleared: The order will be pending if the amount has not been cleared from your bank.
  5. I do not have a credit card, can I use my relative's card to make the purchase?
    straightline.in uses the most stringent security measures available for e-commerce and your shopping here is private, safe and secure. A credit card fraud is a criminal offence and punishable under the law. You are requested to enter your own credit card details at the time of registering for an order. The cardholder?s name should be the same as the shopper's name.
  6. What is octroi charge and who will bear it?
    The state government levies octroi charges when the product enters the state. This charge is applicable in certain states and fluctuates as per the government regulations. The octroi charge is payable by the recipient at the time of delivery.


  1. How can I search for my order number and details?
    On placing an order with straightline.in, an order number is generated and saved in 'My straightline - View Current Orders'. This is mentioned on the top right corner of the shopping home page. You can access your account at any time and view the details and status of your order.
  2. What is an order status?
    1. Pending Payment Approval - The order is placed by you and is registered within the system. The payment for the order is still to be received.
    2. Order Confirmed - The payment for the order has been received and the order will be processed further.
    3. Pending Despatch - The seller has handed over the shipment to a logistics partner for delivery.
    4. Despatched - The logistics partner or seller has updated the air waybill number for shipment received from the seller.
    5. In Transit - The logistics partner has shipped the consignment from origin for delivery at destination.
    6. First Attempt - The logistics partner has attempted delivery at the address provided but no one was available for receiving shipment.
    7. Delivered - The logistics partner has delivered the shipment to you.
    8. Return to Origin - The logistics partner had attempted delivery but no one was available for receiving the shipment. Hence it is being sent back to the seller.
    9. Received - You have acknowledged the receipt of product available under 'My straightline - View Current Orders.' On doing so, you may earn loyalty points.
  3. How can I change the address that has been entered by me?
    Address alteration requests are accepted within 24 hours of placing the order. You may send your alteration request to straightline@mjunction.in and the needful will be done.
  4. How will I know whether my order has been approved?
    1. On receiving the payment for the value of your order, an email will be sent to your email i-d informing you about the approval of the order.
    2. For orders placed via credit card and the Net banking payment option, we require at least 24 to 48 hours to approve the order. For security reasons we work on the basis of the communication from the bank intimating us on the status of the payment.
  5. The order has still not reached me. Who do I contact for help?
    Please send in your query to straightline@mjunction.in and our customer support team will get back to you within 24 working hours.


  1. Will the product be despatched on the date of order confirmed?
    The date of order confirmed is the date on which the payment gets cleared. There is a minimum lead time of delivery mentioned on the product page. This is the number of days required by our vendor and logistics partner to deliver the product to your address. The lead time of delivery varies from 4 to 15 days, depending on the product being ordered.
  2. How do I know through which courier my product has been shipped and how can I contact the local courier to know the status?
    Once the seller despatches the product, the status is updated on the site along with the courier company's name and the AWB number. The status will change based on updates received from the courier company.
  3. What does order status "Return to Origin" mean?
    This means that though delivery had been attempted, the consignment has been returned to the vendor for any of the following reasons:
    1. Recipient was not available at the given address;
    2. Consignment was refused by the customer;
    3. No one answered the door;
    4. The address and telephone number provided were incorrect.
  4. What should I do if the product is not delivered after despatch?
    Products purchased through straightline would normally take two to five days for the delivery after the despatch of the item. Please get in touch with us at straightline@mjunction.in in case the product has not been delivered to you as per schedule.
  5. Can I check the item before accepting the delivery of the same?
    The courier person will not allow you to open the parcel before accepting the delivery. This is due to the stringent measures that we are taking to avoid courier pilferage. However, you can check the condition of the parcel without breaking the seal.
  6. Do I need to pay anything at the time of delivery of the item?
    The total amount charged at the time of placing the order is inclusive of all charges and we request you not to pay anything extra to the courier service at the time of delivery. However, octroi and other taxes applicable in certain states will have to be borne by the buyer.
  7. What will happen if the product is returned to the office as undelivered?
    Our logistic partners will attempt to deliver the item or will try to contact you if the parcel could not be delivered to you due to some reason. If the item returns undelivered the amount paid by the buyer will be refunded after deducting shipping, handling and other charges. The above-mentioned policy will be applicable for the following reasons:
    1. Incorrect or insufficient address;
    2. Recipient not available at address;
    3. Non serviceable location


  1. What should I do if the product is delivered in opened, damaged or defective condition?
    You can contact our customer service department either over phone at 180041920001 or via email at straightline@mjunction.in. We should receive the complaint for the open or damaged item within 48 hours of delivery. Complaints received after 48 hours will not be accepted.
  2. What should I do if the product delivered is not as per the specifications mentioned on the website?
    Our sellers will take care to deliver the product exactly as it is displayed on the site. However, it is clearly mentioned in the product description that sometimes shades, colours and pattern may vary as the image on the site is only for your viewing and understanding purpose.
    You are requested to contact our customer service department either over phone at 180041920001 or via email at straightline@mjunction.in, if there is a major discrepancy in the item delivered to you.
  3. How can I get an invoice (bill) for the purchased items?
    Invoice for the items will be done directly by the supplier.
  4. How will my refund be processed?
    A refund is processed based on the mode of payment.
    1. Credit card refunds are done back to the credit card itself and will feature in the following monthly billing statement.
    2. Net banking refunds are done to the bank account.
    3. For cheques and demand drafts, refunds are done in the form of pay orders, which will be delivered to the billing address.


Can I become a seller on straightline.in?
Yes, you can become a seller on straightline.in by contacting us either via email at straightline@mjunction.in or via postal mail at the following address:
mjunction services limited,
straightline division,
MSL Business Center
22 Camac Street
Block A,
6th Floor,
Kolkata - 700016